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Dr Jordan Stajić (1868-1949)

Dr Jordan Stajić (1868-1949), , was among the few doctors who survived typhoid. He was very popular in Valjevo where he stayedon few occasions from 1900 to 1915 and from 1919 to 1928 when he moved to Bitola. He made the first surgical intervention in the Valjevo Hospital and developed into an excellent surgeon. Because of the speed with which he exercised surgical procedure he was called a Serbian Larrey. He was the first amongst doctors of Valjevo who applied serum against scarlet fever and diphtheria before World War I in the treatment of patients suffering from these serious diseases.

After the retreat with the army and the Supreme Command over Albania, he was at the Salonika frontline, first in the capacity of Head of the Medical Corps Department of the Supreme Command 1917-1918, Head of the Surgery Department, then the Director of Crown Prince Alexander Hospital in Thessaloniki from 1918 to 1919.


Dr. Avram Vinaver (1862-1915)

Dr. Avram Vinaver (1862-1915) was born in Warsaw. Thanks to his friendship with Wilhelm Röntgen, Dr. Vinaver is considered the founder of radiology in Serbia for whose needs he obtained the first X-ray machine in 1897. He took part in the Balkan Wars, and the First World War found him on the position of warden in the auxiliary hospital in Valjevo. Providing the Serbian army and people wih treatment against typhus epidemics, he contracted the disease and died on 6 August, 1915, in Gevgelija.


Dr Milovan Bašović

Dr Milovan Bašović, a Serb from Montenegro, of the Drobnjak tribe. He studied medicine in Russia. He arrived in Serbia with Russian Medical Mission during the Balkan wars and then became Serbian Medical Corps Officer. Since the beginning of World War I in Valjevo, after the retreat from Valjevo before the Battle of Kolubara, in November 1914, together with Dr. Vinaver and Russian lady doctor Dr. Sosiński, he remained in the town with the wounded who could not be evacuated. After crossing Albania, Dr. Milovan, in the period from 1916 to 1918 worked in hospitals in Sidi Abdullah and Ferivel, near Bizerte.