Hall 5 - BOARD 11


(Appeal to the British public of Sir Thomas Lipton)

"I met many victims on a country road who are too weak to come to the hospital. They gathered them and brought them on oxen-drawn carts. Oxen were often managed by women or children, while on the cart the husband or father was delirious with fever. There barely left enough people who were not ill, able to dig graves for the dead, whose bodies lay exposed in their graves. In some hospitals there were no blankets or mattresses, while in others three or four patients slept crosswise on one straw mattress. Nevertheless, patients would never complain. In one hospital ward I saw a patient who, despite his fever, was singing wonderfully to his friends. These horrors require immediate aid of all kinds: tents, wooden shacks, medical supplies, beds and bedding, medicines and medical equipment, sterilizers for milk, and, above all, doctors and nurses. "

The humanitarian disaster that befell Serbia in the winter of 1914/15 echoed in the world. Responding to calls of the Serbian government and prominent individuals, but also on its own initiative, a number of important and influential figures wrote letters, held lectures, organized exhibitions, published books and wrote articles for leading magazines, informing the world about the fateful days for Serbian people and thus shook the public in their countries, so that help for Serbia should arrive on time and to the greatest extent possible.