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As the term Valjevska (war) hospital became a symbol of suffering but also a symbol of humanity and international cooperation, so did the famous painting of the same name by Nadežda Petrović, which the painter painted shortly before her death. become a symbol of Valjevo. The painting shows the tents of a military field hospital, the same as those located in several places in the surroundings of Valjevo. It could be assumed that the tents depicted were the hospital tents of the Danube Division, which was stationed in Valjevo, probably somewhere on Krušik Hill (Fifth Regiment), possibly on the same site where later, since 1915, the tents of the Scottish Women's Hospital were located.

Nadežda Petrović

Born in Čačak in 1873, a painter, teacher at Women's Grammar School, a patriot who selflessly aided in moments crucial for Serbia. Everyday providing for the ill in Valjevo, she herself fell ill and died on April 3, 1915. Her extraordinary opus comprises numerous works of art, which established her as a forerunner of Expressionism. Nadežda Petrović was strongly tied to the trends of modern art and she anticipated its further development in Serbia.