Hall 4 - BOARD 8


According to initial military plans, a total of 201 wards with 2,210 beds were provided for Valjevo war hospitals. Successively, with the development of the war, in addition to civilian District Hospital and the Military Hospital of the Drina Division, at first four, then two more auxilliary military hospitals were established in Valjevo. They were in the Barracks of the 17th and 5th Regiments, in the Artillery Barracks, Grammar school, the District Court and warehouses of the Drina Division. With the arrival of an increasing number of the wounded and sick, followed with the outbreak of the major typhus epidemic and other diseases which accompanied it, the buildings in which hospitals were located became insufficient. That is why the existing hospital facilities were temporarily expanded by having different buildings comandeered, so that the hospital facilities comprised thirty buildings: barracks, schools, courts, warehouses, hotels, restaurants ... In addition, the first field hospital of the Danube Division was stationed on Krušik Hill (Fifth Regiment) in tents, and where possible, in a similar way, using tents, the reception capacity of other hospitals was expanded.

In addition to the territory of Valjevo, medical units were located at several places in its wider surroundings. Valjevska Kamenica, Mionica and Ub had already had infirmaries of the Valjevo District Hospital. Now the military field hospitals were stationed in the surrounding towns and villages, in Brankovina, Grabovica, Pričević, Osečina, Pec, Koceljeva ...