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During the battles on the Drina frontline the first care of the wounded was performed in frontline aid posts, from where, after a triage, they were sent to the Valjevo Hospitals. Medical unit wehicles were rare, so the wounded arrived in Valjevo in convoys of oxen-drawn carts and, not rarely, on foot. Since the expanded hospital facilities could not accommodate all the injured, a triage was performed in the Valjevo Hospital buildings. Those lightly wounded received medical treatment and returned to the frontline, while the heavily wounded were hospitalisd in the Valjevo Hospitals or sent to other cities. A hospital train was established, which trasnported part of the wounded to Mladenovac and further on to Belgrade, Niš and Kragujevac. Nearly always there were up to two to three thousand wounded in freight wagons of the train, and on some days there were considerably more of them.